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Imagine a world that seems to defy the laws of physics; a world where electrical forces rule and gravity takes a back seat. Enter the world of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

It has been more than fifty years since Richard Feynman, in his famous address, "Plenty of Room at the Bottom," imagined a science where researchers and engineers could achieve remarkable feats by manipulating matter and creating structures all the way down to the level of individual atoms.

  • Enter our website and see for yourself what is happening at the nanoscale.

  • Get the scoop on nanobites and nanobots. Find out how gold nanoparticles play a role in cancer medicine.

  • Check out your skills as a nanotechnologist as you build a nanocar virtually.

  • Learn how to create liquid crystal thermo sensors and more.

Teachers and students alike will find a multitude of activities and resources that will "bring to light" matter at the nanoscale.